Spirit-Filled Christian Education,

All from Home

Why New Beginnings Academy?

  • Spirit-Filled, Christian Education
  • Christian Morals, Values & Beliefs
  • Extensive Bible Teaching
  • Taught to have a relationship with Christ
  • Students are taught the love of God
  • User Friendly, Extremely Effective Curriculum
  • Children are placed according to ability, not age
  • Makes learning fun
  • No tedious, computerized learning
  • We help students realize their potential
  • Online Access to Teaching Staff available 9-5 Monday-Saturday (Computer Access to teacher)
  • Guaranteed High School Diploma upon graduation
  • Available for students in Grades K-12
  • Serving all 50 American States
  • Open Enrollment

About New Beginnings Academy

New Beginnings Academy is a Christian private school for students in grades K-12. It is an experience where your child is set for life!  We provide superior academic excellence through our curriculum. Your child not only gains a superior education but is also nurtured and protected from the world! We are able to direct the destiny of your child's life. 

How It Works

  • Open Enrollment
  • Start at ANY TIME
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Virtual Tours Available
  • Students are placed according to ability, not age
  • Remote Christian Homeschooling
  • Custom-Made Curriculum
  • Students Receive New Material Weekly
  • Lesson Plans Available on Google Classroom
  • Online Access to Teaching Staff 9-5 Monday-Saturday


What grades do you offer?

This school serves students in grades K-12.

What is the tuition cost?

Financial aid is available, as well as scholarships. Please call our office at 617-364-6767 for tuition inquries.

Is there any financial aid?

Yes, financial aid forms are available upon request. We also have a scholarship program that your child can be entitled to. Please call our office at 617-364-6767 for more information.

Are there teachers in this school?

Yes! Each student has a teacher that they can have remote access to from: Monday to Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM. Our teachers can assist students with any issues either by phone or zoom.

Are there class times? What is the schedule?

There is no fixed schedule for this program, however there is a daily lesson plan that both the parent and student will be able to access through Google Classroom.


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