Spirit-Filled Christian Education,

All from Home

Why New Beginnings Academy?

  • Spirit-Filled, Christian Education
  • Christian Morals, Values & Beliefs
  • Extensive Bible Teaching
  • Taught to have a relationship with Christ
  • Students are taught the love of God
  • User Friendly, Extremely Effective Curriculum
  • Children are placed according to ability, not age
  • Makes learning fun
  • No tedious, computerized learning
  • We help students realize their potential
  • Online Access to Teaching Staff available 9-5 Monday-Saturday (Computer Access to teacher)
  • Guaranteed High School Diploma upon graduation
  • Available for students in Grades K-12
  • Serving all 50 American States
  • Open Enrollment

About New Beginnings Academy

New Beginnings Academy is a Christian private school for students in grades K-12. It is an experience where your child is set for life!  We provide superior academic excellence through our curriculum. Your child not only gains a superior education but is also nurtured and protected from the world! We are able to direct the destiny of your child's life. 

How It Works

  • Open Enrollment
  • Start at ANY TIME
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Virtual Tours Available
  • Students are placed according to ability, not age
  • Remote Christian Homeschooling
  • Custom-Made Curriculum
  • Students Receive New Material Weekly
  • Lesson Plans Available on Google Classroom
  • Online Access to Teaching Staff 9-5 Monday-Saturday



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