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Spirit-Filled Christian Education,

All from Home

Why New Beginnings Academy?

  • Spirit-Filled, Christian Education
  • Christian Morals, Values & Beliefs
  • Extensive Bible Teaching
  • Taught to have a relationship with Christ
  • Students are taught the love of God
  • User Friendly, Extremely Effective Curriculum
  • Children are placed according to ability, not age
  • Makes learning fun
  • No tedious, computerized learning
  • We help students realize their potential
  • Guaranteed High School Diploma upon graduation
  • Available for students in Grades K-12
  • Serving all 50 American States
  • Open Enrollment
Why New Beginnings Academy?

How It Works


Is a remote homeschooling program, but this is not an online program! There are aspects to this program that are done online, but a majority of the material is done on paper & turned in weekly.  


In a school year, therefore there will be approximately 40 packets of material given per subject in a complete school year.

Each student will receive 1 packet per subject of material a week. The students will write the answers in the packets. They will get real schoolwork and the students will do the required work in their daily packets.

If any student has any problem, at any time during the day, there will be a teacher ready and waiting.

Our teachers are trained & qualified and are available from:
Monday - Friday
: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM

About New Beginnings Academy

New Beginnings Academy is a Christian private school for students in grades K-12. It is an experience where your child is set for life!  We provide superior academic excellence through our curriculum. Your child not only gains a superior education but is also nurtured and protected from the world! We are able to direct the destiny of your child's life. 

Morals & Beliefs


New Beginnings Academy teaches that right is right & wrong is sin.
Our students are taught the principles of God according to His Word. Our Students are taught the Bible's desired behaviors they are to demonstrate throughout life, when confronted by a variety of life's situations. 

New Beginnings Academy instills high, Christ-Like values & morals according to the Holy Word of God; which in turn will help your child throughout life have the ability to make right choices. 

This is a fallen and troubled world where right is wrong and wrong is right. 


Right is Right And Wrong is Sin.

The Benefits of Christian Homeschool

  • Open Enrollment
  • Start at ANY TIME
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Virtual Tours Available
  • Students are placed according to ability, not age
  • Remote Christian Homeschooling
  • Custom-Made Curriculum
  • Students Receive New Material Weekly
  • Lesson Plans Available For Review Daily
  • Online Instruction From A Certified Teacher Daily



Is the number one option for students of any age, nationality, educational/emotional background, or walk of life. We have been open since 1986 and have served over 2,000 students of all ages. 


Is a remote, private Christian homeschooling program designed to be the best and most complete solution for parents & students looking to get away from the modern school system. Many parents are looking to take their children out of public/charter schools due to COVID-19 & increasing political tension in schools, as well as other problems like academics & social issues such as bullying. 

New Beginnings Academy is prepared & equipped to help your student make the transition from public/charter schools to our remote Christian home schooling program.

Purpose & Philosophy



is to offer and provide a unique service in education, based upon the individual needs, ability and potential of each student.


In a safe environment, students are advanced academically according to their ability and not their age.


New Beginnings Academy educates students from all walks of life. Weaknesses are re-mediated and strengths are fostered to the fullest.


Special needs are our specialty.


New Beginnings Academy builds or repairs the academic foundation with superior skills in reading, math & creative writing. Only with the development of a superior foundation can a solid future be built. 

New Beginnings Academy also allows each student to develop to his/her fullest potential, academically and socially, within a safe understanding environment.


is to allow students to be as creative and innovative as

possible, using their own natural curiosity as a springboard to

increase their knowledge of themselves and the world around them.


Our desire is to foster the love of learning through a succession of positive experiences, which will in turn create a productive individual with a positive and strong self image. Each student is viewed, not as a part of the group, but as a unique individual.


We believe that every human being has strengths and weaknesses,

along with their own special abilities. When strengths are fostered, many times weaknesses are re-mediated in the process, thus building or repairing if need be, a strong self-image. We believe that a strong self concept is an intricate part of our development. 

When a person believes he/she can do it, any challenge can be met,

any obstacle can be overcome and any goal can be obtained.


New Beginnings Academy operates under an open enrollment policy. We welcome applications from all interested parties without regard to race, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin.

  • What grades do you offer?
    This school serves students in grades K-12.
  • What is the tuition cost?
    Financial aid is available, as well as scholarships. Please call our office at 617-364-6767 for tuition inquries.
  • Is there any financial aid?
    Yes, financial aid forms are available upon request. We also have a scholarship program that your child can be entitled to. Please call our office at 617-364-6767 for more information.
  • Are there teachers in this school?
    Yes! Each student will have a teacher that will be present with them via video call from: 8:30 AM-2:30 PM Monday through Friday
  • Are there class times? What is the schedule?
    There is! Students will be expected to be present for a video call with their teacher Monday-Friday beginning at 8:30 AM and ending at 2:30 PM.



How to Get Started


Schedule A Virtual Tour


Fill Out An Application

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